Your Child in the UK

With over 2,500 schools and 300 institutions of higher education, in the UK your child can access some of the finest and most respected education from around the world.[1]

If you do not wish to domicile yourself in the UK, but still want your child to access a British education, then there are many boarding schools from which to choose from, with some accepting full boarders from the age of 7. Many of these schools have selection processes, which usually consist of an interview and/or testing. If you choose to be non-domiciled in the UK while your child is at school, there needs to be a guardian for the school to contact in case there is a problem or for whom they can stay with during half-terms and exeat week-ends (where the school closes for one weekend).  For more information please contact Law Firm Limited.

If you choose to domicile yourself in the UK, you can still send your child to boarding school, or you can choose other private schools as well as state schools. If you choose a boarding school, then you will not need a guardian. If your child is under 12 and studying at an independent day school, you can apply for a 12-month ‘parent of a child at school’ visa to stay with them while they study.[2]

In the UK the first major public exams (GCSE, IGCSE or equivalent) are sat when your child is in the fifth form (15-16 years old). However, the most important exams are those sat in the sixth form (16-18). The A-levels, or equivalent, are used as one condition on which your child might be given a university place. If they have not yet completed their course then a conditional offer might be made, however if they have completed their course then they might be given an unconditional offer.

Please note that other qualifications might be required for those who want to pursue higher education in the UK and whose first language is not English. Please consult the “General requirements” section for more details.

For further information on higher education, please consult the “higher education” section.

If you instead wish to send your child for a summer school, please consult our “summer school” section.



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What the Firm can offer:

At Law Firm Limited there is a consultation system so that we can tailor our approach to the needs of individual clients. We can help attain a student visa for your child along with visas so that you can accompany your child. We can also advise on the procedure of getting a sponsor licence from educational providers and, if you receive a few conditional offers, can help you apply for a prospective student visa to visit them.

We can help you find the best educational establishment and course for your child to flourish as well as arranging interviews and testing at the selected institutions. We can also carry out the enrolment procedure and advise on the law, procedure, requirements and merits of making an application.

In summation, the services we offer are to help our clients attain their goal of securing the best possible education for their child and providing them with the support to get through the complexities of the British educational system.