The United Kingdom has a huge variety of cities and the kind of lifestyles that each of these cities provides can differ hugely.

From the stunning cathedrals and beautiful countryside of York, to the exciting cosmopolitan beach hub Brighton, and everything in between; the UK has many great cities each with their own unique allure and character. What we hope to do is to show you the benefits of each city, and you can use this information to really grasp what living in the UK is about, and to find that city which screams out to you as where you just have to live!

On our list alone there are 34 cities, each distinctive with their own subtleties and charm. We have compiled a list of the top locations in the UK, providing you with the information you need to choose either where to relocate or where to visit whilst here.

It is never easy to choose where to relocate to, but given that the UK has cities that provide for nearly any preference or lifestyle, we are sure our list will help you find somewhere that you will absolutely love!

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