Schools and Universities Tours

Want to get an insight into being a student in the UK? What better way of finding out if an educational institute is right for you than by visiting your chosen place. Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to go on tours during open days or alternatively, individual appointments may be arranged.

What are school and university/tours and open days? How to attend?

Both universities and schools have prospective open days, which may be found on their websites, so it is important to regularly check the sites. These ‘taster days’ are important in order to gain an insight into student life and to see whether the teaching style and atmosphere is appropriate for enhancing your learning capabilities. These days normally involve a range of tours and are an opportunity for applicants to meet students and staff as well as providing a first-hand experience of the establishments. The tours not only provide an insight into the school/university life but also provides the chance to meet existing students and ask them questions.

Some open days will also be led by students or members of staff at the institution however, several may even be self-guided. Take note that spaces fill up very quickly, so ensure that you book early on your chosen institution’s website if it is necessary to RSVP in advance. On request, Law Firm Limited will arrange all bookings and make the necessary appointments or alternative arrangements.

What should you do when visiting a school/university?

To make the most on your visit, make sure you’ve read your chosen institution’s website and prospectus before visiting. This way you may raise questions that you would like to get answered on the day. Open days are great opportunities to find out more about the subjects and extra-curricular activities. It is advised to take this chance to ask teaching staff and students about the experiences, which you can expect e.g. how many people in a lesson/lecture? And field trips? Etc. Additionally, it may be important to find out about extra-curricular options, travel routes and local amenities. Visiting an educational institution allows you a greater insight into the establishment, which is not available from their website.

What to look for during the tours?

Whilst touring the grounds of your chosen institution, we highly recommend that you are aware of the city in which it is based to make sure you will like the environment in which you will be centered in. Additionally, see if you admire the ethos of the establishment and are aware of the teaching methods and amount of people within classes/lectures. It is necessary that you see whether or not you would feel comfortable in your chosen community as if successful, that will be the environment you will have to endure as a student.