We have a variety of services we offer with regards to property in the UK. We have experts in property who will take the client’s needs into account and provide a shortlist of properties that would be suitable. We can do this to save you time, and provide you with the best possible accommodation in a market that can be highly competitive.

Not only do we search for the properties and visit them to establish their suitability, we also provide all the information regarding pricing, costs involved, and the potential of the area in which the property is located and the benefits of the area. We also negotiate on your behalf, carry out the survey of the property necessary and obtain mortgages via British banks for our clients.

We also provide all the necessary visa and immigration services so we can help make the purchase of property an easy transaction.

Once the property has been purchased, we also provide concierge services; maintenance, renovation, and tenancy are all part of the package that we can provide. Our concierge services are highly individualized to your specific requirements, and as such they are priced individually.

We also can help you rent property too. We can give general advice, legal representation, and we can find you the ideal property too. Taking your requirements, we can arrange viewings and accompany you on viewings to properties that we think will suit your needs.

At Law Firm Limited we are dedicated to acting only in your interests, negotiating a good price, and making the purchase of property not only easy but also profitable for you.