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    Leading consultants for students looking to study abroad

    LFL Education Consultancy is a private education consultancy firm based in London, Moscow and Dubai.

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    Leading consultants for students looking to study abroad

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– Gaining an education in the united kingdom

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  • Private School

    Enrolling in private schools is becoming an increasingly popular form of education within the UK. Whilst being educated before the age of eighteen, you’ll encounter a choice between private or state schools. (read more)

  • Preparation for higher education

    Law Firm Limited can help you find the higher education, which will be best for your child, can help guide you through the visa application process and can provide concierge services to meet your individual needs. (read more)

  • Higher education

    In the UK there is a huge array of options within higher education, and as such every university has it’s own vibe, it’s own nuances, and the city in which a university is located can be a huge factor in your individual university experience. (read more)

  • English language studies

    Whether you are learning English from the very beginning, or seeking to maintain or improve your level of English, doing so in the birthplace of the language means you are already in a good starting place. (read more)

  • Tutoring

    There is a great supply of tutors in many mainstream subjects, such as mathematics, English, and Modern Foreign Languages (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian, and others). Tuition for Science is also available, either general science tuition, or split according to the three main fields: biology, chemistry and physics (read more)

  • Professional courses and seminars

    Within the city, there are many independent teachers and experts that can offer teaching and guidance through professional courses and seminars through different media. (read more)

  • State Schools

    The majority of schools in the UK are ‘state schools’. These are free of charge to all children, and is funded wholly or partly by the Government through taxation. Schools are usually split according to primary (ages 3-11) and secondary education (ages 11-16). (read more)

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